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Our philosophy

Our goal at Vertical, as enthusiasts and athletes of all levels, is to  design products with the best technical features and the most competitive prices; all whilst keeping our core principle design features of creating light and ergonomically designed products.

  • Why so light? Because a 100g saving in weight allows a runner during a 30 km run, to save 3 tons of thrust force on the thighs. So; imagine the difference a 500g reduction in weight makes? For us and our customers, this lightness is not just a luxury, but rather a necessity.
  • Ergonomic designs are paramount to ensure the highest level of comfort during use. Clothing should not only be comfortable, but equally it should be designed to fit to the body shape and allow for easy access to equipment. The equipment needed for mountain climbing shouldn't have to be a hindrance to your performance, it should help you through each challenge, regardless of the level of difficulty.


Primarily, as passionate sports people, we believe first and foremost that all sports enthusiasts should be able to share their experiences, which in turn helps others. So whether this helps with motivation, key performance tips, or equipment advice, other peoples knowledge and experience also helps towards creating the newest and most innovative products.

In this context, we are the only brand to fully integrate our customers into the design process (to improve existing products or create new innovations), allowing you to share your ideas through our collaborative R & D portal. We are also the first manufacturer to bring together mountain enthusiasts with the online Vertical Community.


Here you can find a forum, personal blogs, expert advice blogs on nutrition, training, etc. So join us in the Vertical Community to share yours, others and our motivation and experience in the Vertical quest!


It is this quest and philosophy that brought us to our new premises, the Outdoor Lab, in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, which is situated within numerous trail-running and ski touring routes. Visit us and discover our R & D workshop, an educational area where you can learn about our newest technology and materials, and also test our equipment for free! Just simply select any item you wish to test, book it out then take full advantage of the trails and routes around Chartreuse, then return the item with your comments. Our technical equipment ranges include, shoes, clothing, accessories and backpacks for hiking, or skiing items depending on the season! 


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