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Our team is made up of employees who love sport, the mountains and share our values.

Not all of them are athletes or frequent visitors to the mountains; and this diversity helps to create products for different kinds of sports, from the competitive climber to the casual hiker. "Do we need to be involved in sport to work at Raidlight?" Not necessarily, as long as you adhere to the spirit of the company. But, equally partaking in sport can be a useful advantage as you have a view point from both sides...
As part of our continuous development, Raidlight-Vertical hires new employees on a regular basis. We have increased from 8 employees in 2007 to 53 in 2016.

Meet our team members below!




Vertical, a brand specializing in mountaineering, climbing and hiking clothing, was taken over by Raidlight in June 2010. We wanted to restore momentum to the strong identity of the brand by basing our growth on innovation and a strong differentiation between products that have to meet a need to be ergonomic and lighter than the competition.
Our social and eco-responsible values are found throughout management as well as in our products.

With 30% growth per year, even in the current economic climate, our team is growing month by month, and has reached 53 employees and a turnover of €8m.





Please note! For all applications, please send us the interview schedule completed by you - on page 3 of the job vacancies(along with your CV and covering letter).

You can find all available positions on the Raidlight Team website: