Easy and secure payment

Our secure payment offer

Online payment is made through the Hipay secure payment system.

Secure 3D Secure payment: when you pay, an authentication request will be sent to your bank. The "3D Secure" system is a program set up by Visa/Mastercard and offered by all French banks.

It authenticates the cardholder who makes the payment order. Be careful, this system called "3D Secure" should not be confused with the secret code of your credit card.

Easy payment thanks to our many solutions.

In order to give you the choice of your payment method, according to your preferences, we offer you different possibilities to pay for your purchases:

  • - Secure online payment by credit card
  • - Payment by Paypal

Online payment by credit card

Online payment by credit card is made through the Hipay payment system and is 100% secure as explained above.

Payment via Paypal

You can pay for your purchases by Paypal. This solution is also 100% secure and very fast when you have a Paypal account